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“Die Verhältnisse sind komplizierter als die meisten Menschen meinen”

(The circumstances are more complicated than most people think)
26 August to 4 September 2022
Tuesday to Sunday from 4 to 7 pm

Opening on 26 August, 7 pm
Introduction: Christian F. Kintz

LicetBovi | Klas Rühling is showing some recent works in an exhibition at the Hamburg art space Frise.

In the exhibition saints and the fallen meet in a profane chapel, two-dimensional sculptures and shipping boxes get into contact without any communication, the white cube becomes a box within a box.
Everyday objects, often packaging material, become housings and platforms for body representations, such as images, prints or imprints. Tension comes from the contrast of levels of reality, the unmediated juxtaposition of careful handicraft and punkish tinkering.
Supposedly familiar figures and stories stand abruptly in the room.

Frise, Arnoldstr. 26–30
22765 Hamburg

Exhibition views

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